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November 7, 2007

Here are some pictures…enjoy!





November 7, 2007

Wow I need to update this blog more often!! Okay so here we go…..1st: My 2 year old Elijah broke his leg on Oct. 28th. We were at a park and Elijah went down the slide with his daddy….his shoe stopped on the slide and his leg went under him. We took him into the hospital, had x-rays done and they put a splint on his leg.  Tuesday we took him to get his cast on and boy was I happy after the cast was on! The pain medicine was making him way to drowsy all day long and he lossed his appetite, oh and he was constipated too, poor guy! But after a day of having the cast on he isnt in any pain. Immediately after we stopped giving him the medicine he was A LOT happie! He is also a lot more comfortable which isnt always a good thing because now he wont stay still!! He is getting his cast off in 3 weeks(4 weeks total). I cant wait to have my little guy back to normal. 

As for my other little human: He is growing so fast!! He was 14 lbs @ his 4 month old appt. On sunday we found out that he is getting his first teeth on the bottom! Monday morning I saw that he is also getting his 2 front teeth! 4 teeth coming in = one cranky baby!

The weather has finally turned cold! Sometimes too cold, especially since we found out that our heater doesnt work! Sigh…so many problems, first our AC didnt work during the very HOT summer and now this!

I promise to post more often! =)